Kia To Drop Borrego SUV From 2010 U.S. Lineup

By Steven J. Ewing

December 30, 2009

The Kia Borrego is only one year old, but because of slow sales and a stronger focus on small crossovers, the full-size sport-ute will not be returning to American dealerships for the 2010 model year.

Many years ago, there was talk of Kia becoming a truck-focused brand, and the platform built to potentially house a full-size truck was then repurposed for the Borrego (and the Mohave, as it's known overseas). However, Kia has only sold just over 9500 Borregos in the United States this year, meaning there isn't a huge business case to keep that model running in our market. In other countries, the Mohave will still carry on due to its more robust sales numbers.

Kia says that we should not rule out a future return of the Borrego, leaving the vehicle's future "to be determined." When we first reviewed the Kia SUV last year, we found it to be a well-positioned competitor to other SUVs, even if it was a tragically late entry into a segment with little importance these days.

If a Borrego lights your fire, hit up your local Kia dealership soon. We're sure that extensive rebates will knock down the price point over the next few months.

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