Jaguar Land Rover To Be All-Electric By 2025

By Tom Martin

February 17, 2021


This headline is becoming commonplace, but the degree of the shift to electrification envisioned by Jaguar Land Rover is rather extreme.


JLR will switch from nine vehicle platforms to just three. Two of those platforms will be shared by Land Rover and one will be unique to Jaguar. JLR is clearly trying to increase the distinction between its two main brands, with an emphasis on luxury for Jaguar, though you could have fooled us with regard to luxury and Land Rover.


Land Rover will offer a pure BEV by 2024, followed by 5 more vehicles in 2025 and 2026. These models will be both BEV and PHEV. JLR will also diddle around with fuel cells, which is a mystery, but not one unique to JLR. 


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