Gran Turismo Anniversary To See Unveiling Of GT6?

By Brandon Turkus

May 14, 2013

Gran Turismo will be celebrating its fifteenth anniversary tomorrow at Great Britain’s Silverstone circuit. Hosted by Sony, the event could see some announcement regarding the latest installment in the venerable Gran Turismo series.
At least, that’s the impression we got from this short video. It stars a Nissan GT-R with GT Academy graphics, lapping the historic track.  

At the end of the clip, we’re told that something big is going to be happening tomorrow at Silverstone. Adding fuel to the fire is the GT graphic at the end, counting up from Gran Turismo 1 to GT5. Whether that will be the arrival or announcement of Gran Turismo 6, or something different all together remains to be seen.  

We'll have a full update on what happens at Silverstone tomorrow. Until then, feel free to speculate.