Geneva 2011: Mini Rocketman Concept

By John Beltz Snyder

February 28, 2011

Mini has announced that is will be showing the Mini Rocketman Concept this week at the Geneva Motor Show. The 3+1-seater features three doors and a flexible use of space.

It uses a lightweight design, including carbon spaceframe construction. The glass roof is segmented by illuminated braces, mimicking the look of the British flag. Carbon fiber accents are visible on the exterior. Inside, the leather upholstery is complemented by high-gloss surfaces.

The Rocketman Concept features a two-part tailgate, one of which sections extends like a drawer from the car’s body. In general, the Rockeman is meant to provide the urban driver with easy entry and optimal use of space.

Inside, the center speedometer is replaced with a projection surface capable of 3D graphics. Using buttons on the steering wheel and an integrated trackball, the driver operates the display, with the more pertinent info being shown in the foreground.

Scroll down for more information on what Mini has in store for Geneva in the official press release, below.

MINI at the 81st International Geneva Motor Show 2011.


With its unmistakable brand identity, clear commitment to driving fun combined with exceptional efficiency, and unquenchable creativity in the development of groundbreaking vehicle concepts, MINI has secured its position as a pioneering one-off among premium small car makers into 2011. At the 81st International Geneva Motor Show 2011, the British brand is presenting not only the most diverse model line-up in its history, a further expanded range of engines and new, stylish personalisation options, but also another fascinating response to the challenges of urban mobility in the 21st century. The MINI Rocketman Concept fuses traditional values with innovative technology to redefine the brand’s core principle of the creative use of space. The new study car – which boasts a unique space utilisation concept. is a 3+1-seater with 3 doors and an exterior length of 3.3 metres (10 ft. 11 in.), and is due to be unveiled to the global public on 3 March 2011 – delivers an exciting promise of personalised driving fun in major urban areas.

Increasing variety in the implementation of hallmark MINI features also defines the current range of series-produced cars that will be presented to the public at the International Geneva Motor Show up to 13 March 2011. A few months ago the MINI family swelled to include the MINI Countryman, and the successful launch of the brand’s fourth model leaves it ideally placed to
build on the record sales year of 2010 and continue the brand’s worldwide success with unbridled vigour. The MINI Countryman demonstrates in impressive style how a distinctive type of driving fun can be opened up to new target groups through an innovative vehicle concept. MINI has also given its line-up of drive systems a further shot in the arm with the addition of a new contender. The third and most powerful diesel powerplant in the brand’s engine range will be available for the MINI, MINI Clubman, MINI Convertible and MINI Countryman from spring 2011. The 2.0-litre turbodiesel unit develops 105 kW/143 hp and combines proven fuel economy with an extra dose of brio.

Adding particular emphasis to the racing-oriented driving pleasure of the MINI is the new John Cooper Works Pack, which will be available for the MINI and MINI Convertible from the second quarter of 2011. This new option includes model-specific components for the interior and exterior of the cars, giving drivers an even more focused experience of the MINI’s addictive handling. Also new are the items of optional equipment from the MINI Yours product range. Unveiled for the first time at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011, these exterior and interior design options see MINI building further on its leading position in the area of personalised vehicle configurations. MINI Yours comprises a range of extremely exclusive equipment details tailored precisely to the brand’s unmistakable style. One highlight at the launch of MINI Yours is the world premiere of the MINI Clubman Hampton. This special-edition model embodies the exclusive MINI Yours personalisation concept in particularly concentrated form.

MINI Rocketman Concept: urban driving fun in a new format.

The world premiere of the MINI Rocketman Concept introduces visitors at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011 to new ways of sampling urban driving fun in its cutting-edge form. The study car’s characteristics are geared to the multilayered demands of a contemporary target group, whose mobility needs are shaped by their desire for driving fun, a flexible use of space and extensive connectivity with their lives outside the car. The creativity of the MINI design team once again allows them to transfer fundamental MINI features and values to a groundbreaking new vehicle concept in untarnished form.

The MINI Rocketman Concept is a compact and agile three-door car which offers comfortable accommodation for the driver, front passenger and another passenger, and can add a fourth individual seat in the rear if necessary. The capacity of the luggage compartment can be adapted to the passengers’ requirements just as flexibly. The innovative door and tailgate concept developed for the MINI Rocketman Concept ensures extremely comfortable entry and uncomplicated loading, while side sills integrated into the doors allow the entry area to reach well into the interior. The two-part tailgate consists of one section which is attached to the roof and opens extremely high and a lower section which extends out of the body in the form of a drawer.

The MINI Rocketman Concept body is shaped by an avant-garde interpretation of time-honoured brand features. Innovative construction techniques allow the principle used in the classic Mini – of providing the maximum amount of room on the smallest possible footprint – to be carried over to the mobility challenges of urban areas in the 21st century. The hallmark MINI design language exudes a powerful and dynamic allure, its proportions and distinctive design features ensuring that it is immediately recognisable as a member of the brand family. Large headlights and the chrome-bordered radiator grille dominate the front end, while large wheels and the three-level structural split of body, “wraparound” greenhouse and roof resting on top give the flanks the same appearance as the MINI models already in series production. The rear lights of the MINI Rocketman Concept have a trapezoidal stirrup design, while the transparent glass roof is segmented by illuminated braces to recreate the look of Britain’s Union Jack flag.

The innovative character of the study is defined by the systematic application of lightweight design principles and a pure-bred interior geared to maximum driving fun. A carbon spaceframe construction, whose striking surface structure is visible from the outside both on the radiator grille and in the interior, forms the basis for a weight-minimising construction. Inside the car, leather covers and high-gloss painted surfaces combine with armrests and trim strips made from a special paper that has been pressed and folded into the desired structure. A wrap-around light strip at waistline height generates a particularly harmonious ambience.

The control concept for the MINI Rocketman Concept also sees the brand exploring new directions. The customary Centre Speedo houses a projection surface boasting 3D graphics presentation capability. This allows information particularly relevant to the driving situation to be displayed in the foreground. The display is operated using both the steering wheel buttons and the integrated trackball. In addition, the MINI Rocketman Concept also has a removable control element for all comfort and connectivity-related functions. This can be configured on a computer before the start of a journey, allowing the driver to transfer new music files, a navigation destination and contact details for mobile communications and internet usage into the vehicle with maximum convenience.

MINI Cooper SD: action man, economy king.

MINI is presenting another new engine variant for its current model range at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011. The latest power unit showcases a new take on the brand’s traditional interplay of driving fun and efficiency. Developed for the MINI Cooper SD, MINI Cooper SD Clubman,
MINI Cooper SD Convertible and MINI Cooper SD Countryman, the 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine develops 105 kW/143 hp and peak torque of 305 Newton metres (225 lb-ft). The increased pulling power of the most brawny of the now three-strong MINI diesel engine line-up enables the MINI Cooper SD to cover the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.1 seconds. The new model variant also continues in the impressively frugal vein of its stablemates with fuel consumption of 4.3 litres per 100 kilometres (65.7 mpg imp) in the EU test cycle, accompanied by CO2 emissions of 114 grams per kilometre.

The engine also expresses its sporting credentials in the form of a resoundingly sonorous soundtrack when the driver pushes on into higher rev bands. In addition, the MINI Cooper SD can be identified by a selection of eye-catching design features: the large air intake, the air scoop on the bonnet, twin tailpipes positioned in the centre of the rear apron and a roof spoiler strike stylistic parallels with the most powerful petrol variant in the range, the
MINI Cooper S.

The number of MINI models available with a six-speed automatic gearbox will also be extended from spring 2011. Customers will be able to specify this gearbox as an option for all models powered by the new diesel engine (available from the launch of the new variant). And the automatic will now also be available for the MINI Cooper D, MINI Cooper D Clubman, MINI Cooper D Convertible and MINI Cooper D Countryman.

Developed with racing expertise: the John Cooper Works Pack.

The John Cooper Works Pack will be presented at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011 as an additional option for racing enthusiasts. It is due to be available for the MINI and MINI Convertible from the second quarter of 2011 and includes model-specific components for the interior and exterior.

An aerodynamics package, 17-inch light-alloy wheels and the addition of the traction mode DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) to the driving stability system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control) give the outstanding handling characteristics of both models an even more focused quality. Meanwhile, features such as the John Cooper Works sports leather steering wheel and John Cooper Works door entry strips lend the interior a more finely honed sporting edge.

MINI Yours: the exclusive route to personalisation.

The Geneva show also sees MINI launching a distinctive new range of options. The MINI Yours products introduce customers to extremely exclusive ways of configuring their MINI to both their personal preferences and the distinctive style of the brand. These exterior and interior design options faithfully reflect the heritage of the brand and highlight the designers’ appreciation of premium quality and eye for creative ideas.

Among the features of MINI Yours are unusual paint finishes, upholstery variants and interior colours, stylishly compiled equipment packages and limited-run special-edition models. To mark the world premiere of MINI Yours, an exclusive special-edition version of the MINI Clubman encapsulates the character of the new product range. The MINI Clubman Hampton stands out with its innovative colour and materials concept and top-quality specification. Its special features include the newly developed Reef Blue  paint finish, exclusive light-alloy wheels and specifically designed seats in Lounge Leather upholstery. Inspired by a southwest London suburb, the MINI Clubman Hampton picks up on the tradition established by the success of earlier special-edition models like the MINI Park Lane, MINI Checkmate and MINI Convertible Sidewalk.

With the MINI, MINI Clubman, MINI Convertible and MINI Countryman, the extended range of engines, and the addition of the MINI Yours and new
John Cooper Works products to the options list, the International Geneva Motor Show 2011 sees MINI presenting its most diverse range of options yet for driving fun tailored precisely to individual needs and preferences. Petrol engines with four different outputs and a spread of three diesel units are now available for the MINI alone. Added to which, the successfully introduced
MINI Countryman now also combines the brand’s characteristic go-kart feeling with ALL4 all-wheel drive.

Regardless of the model, engine and equipment specified by individual owners, every MINI displays the brand’s hallmark characteristics based on both traditional values and cutting-edge attributes. As the first and still only manufacturer of independently developed premium small cars, MINI uses a unique blend of expressive design, advanced technology, efficiency and quality to meet the demands of personal mobility in urban areas and beyond. Its outstanding creativity and innovative power, furthermore, give the brand the perfect platform to achieve sustained success with new yet typically MINI vehicle concepts developed for active and lifestyle-oriented target groups.
2. At a glance

    * World premiere: the MINI Rocketman Concept.

Compact on the outside, but big on the inside, the “creative use of space” principle so beloved of the MINI brand enters a new dimension with the MINI Rocketman Concept. As a 3+1-seater with a vehicle length of little more than three metres (approx. 10 ft.) the concept study presented at the International Geneva Motor Show 2011 offers new and innovative ways of generating maximum interior versatility within the smallest possible exterior dimensions – and offering unbeatable driving fun in the process.
The MINI Rocketman Concept implements the traditional principles of the classic Mini through the application of innovative ideas.
The MINI Rocketman Concept captures the imagination as a vision of urban mobility in the future through features such as its innovative seating and door concept, groundbreaking technologies for connecting its occupants with the outside world, and the lightweight structure of its body. The design of the study applies a new interpretation of the characteristic MINI design language to make both its identity as a MINI family member and its innovative power immediately clear.

    * World premiere: the MINI Cooper SD.

The introduction of the MINI Cooper SD in spring 2011 will give the brand’s model range its third and most powerful diesel variant yet. The latest addition to the line-up is a 2.0-litre engine developing 105 kW/143 hp and peak torque of 305 Newton metres (225 lb-ft), and will give the MINI,
MINI Clubman, MINI Convertible and MINI Countryman even stronger power development combined with exceptionally low fuel consumption. The MINI Cooper SD sprints from 0 to 100 km/h (62 mph) in 8.1 seconds and, fitted as standard with MINIMALISM technology, achieves average fuel consumption of 4.3 litres per 100 km / 65.7 mpg imp (CO2 emissions: 114 g/km) in the EU test cycle. The sporting character of the most powerful diesel variant in the range is also easily identifiable from the outside, with a large air intake, striking air scoop on the bonnet, roof spoiler and twin exhaust tailpipes delivering a clear message.

    * World premiere: John Cooper Works Pack for the MINI
      and MINI Convertible.

Customers seeking new ways of further enhancing the brand’s hallmark driving fun and giving visual expression to their enthusiasm for motor sport need look no further than the John Cooper Works Pack developed for the MINI and MINI Convertible. Among the features of this new factory-fit option are an aerodynamics package, 17-inch light-alloy wheels and special interior design details. Plus, the traction mode DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is added to the standard-fitted stability system DSC (Dynamic Stability Control), as is EDLC (Electronic Differential Lock Control) – the electronically controlled locking function for the driven axle differential.

    * World premiere: MINI Yours and the MINI Clubman Hampton.

Individuality is all part of the MINI character – and now the brand has introduced a highly exclusive new way of turning your car into a personally configured one-off. The factory-fit options from the MINI Yours product range combine quality and style with familiar MINI flair, helping to give the car a particularly expressive presence. Scheduled for launch in spring 2011, the MINI Yours range includes wonderfully expressive exterior paint finishes, upholstery variants and interior colours, as well as studiously configured equipment packages. Added to which, a limited-edition version of the MINI Clubman will be presented to mark the premiere of MINI Yours. The MINI Clubman Hampton embodies the unmistakable style of
MINI Yours through carefully selected and precisely coordinated design features.