Gear: DrawRace2 Gives The Finger To Traditional Racers

By Brandon Turkus

July 20, 2011

While the traditional approach to racing games on Apple’s iPad and iPhone has involved manipulating the built-in accelerometer and essentially using the phone or iPad as a steering wheel, DrawRace 2 takes a very different approach.
Like it’s predecessor (the predictably named DrawRace), DrawRace 2 doesn’t involve you controlling the car in the classic sense, which is what makes it such an intriguing title. You view the course from overhead, and before the actual racing takes place, you trace a racing line around the course with your finger. Once your digit has completed the requisite number of laps, the racing starts up, with your own car running right along your chosen line. All the while computer cars are racing against you, on their own line.
This sequel comes packed with 30 tracks, 180 challenges, and 16 different vehicles. It also packs the requisite career mode, as well as online leader boards, allowing you to compete with your friends.
DrawRace 2 is listed as being available in 2011, but further information (including pricing) is sketchy at best. We do know it’ll be available on both the iPad and iPhone though, so if you own an Apple iOS device, get your fingers ready.