Gamer: DriveClub Is Your First PS4 Racing Game

By Brandon Turkus

February 21, 2013

Our colleagues in the tech industry had a busy night. Sony held its first Playstation 4 event, and while there was a great deal to talk about (including the fact that Sony didn’t even show the actual console), we’re most interested in the PS4’s first racing game.
It’s called DriveClub, and from the sounds of it, it wants to be the Call Of Duty for the racing crowd. Like CoD and other first-person shooters, DriveClub makes you part of an online team.
You’ll work with your teammates, accepting challenges from players around the world. Successful completion earns points for your particular team. Where it goes from there, we can’t be sure. In FPS games like Call Of Duty, points often earn perks or rewards. We could see a similar concept working in a racing game, although we worry that this CoD-ification of racing will end up taking something away from the overall playing experience. Games like Call of Duty attract some of the very worst gamers alive, and we aren’t too keen to see that happen in a racing game. Really, the details are rather scarce at the moment. It sounds like an intriguing concept, though.
Concerns aside, just look at the graphics. We can’t be sure if that’s actual gameplay footage or not, but if it is, we’ll be very excited to try out DriveClub. And if this is just the early potential of the PS4’s graphical capabilities, what do we think Gran Turismo 6 will look like when it finally comes out in 2019?

DriveClub is made by Evolution Studios, the same company that’s responsible for the WRC titles from the Playstation 2 and the MotorStorm series on the PS3. It’s not Turn 10 or Polyphony, but Evolution is a reputable studio with plenty of experience in racing games. We’re excited to see what they can do with DriveClub


Update: Mercedes-Benz has announced the inclusion of the CLA45 AMG in the game.