Formula SAE To Add Electric Vehicle Class

By John Beltz Snyder

August 10, 2011

SAE International has announced that it will add an electric vehicle class to Formula SAE, beginning June 2013.
SAE is currently working on a set of rules to apply to the new class, and expect to have a preliminary draft ready in the spring of next year. Registration fees and procedures for FSAE Electric will be the same as FSAE.
We are excited about this new addition, as we enjoy Formula SAE as well as electric vehicle racing. We hope this is the signal of a trend for the proliferation of electric motorsports.
Read on for the press release, below.
2013 Formula SAE Electric
WARRENDALE, Pa., Aug. 10, 2011 - SAE is pleased to announce that we will add an electric vehicle class named “Formula SAE Electric” to FSAE in 2013. The electric class will be introduced at Formula SAE Lincoln in June 2013. 
We are working with the organizers of the electric Formula classes at Formula SAE Australasia, Formula SAE Italy, Formula Student (UK) and Formula Student Germany to develop a single uniform set of technical rules. Our goal is to have one set of electric technical rules that will allow the same vehicle to pass tech and run at any of the Formula SAE/Formula Student competitions with an Electric class. At this time the electric rules addenda at those competitions are reasonably consistent, although there are some differences.   We are confident that those differences will be resolved.   If your team is considering developing an electric FSAE entry you may want to review the electric class rules for FSAE Australasia, FSAE Italy, Formula Student (UK) and Formula Student Germany to give you an idea of possible rules.
We anticipate releasing a preliminary draft of the 2013 FSAE Electric Rules in the spring of 2012.   The registration fee, registration procedures and registration opening time for the electric class will be the same as Formula SAE.
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