Exceptional Design: Theragun Mini Massager Review

By Tom Martin

August 04, 2021


I wish I had $100 for every time a racer or a cyclist has said to me when we're on a long ride or at the race track “man, I would really love it if they had a massage therapist here”. I’ve had this thought many times, too. I’ve also had the thought a day or two after a long ride or a hard day testing GT3s “I wish I had stretched and gotten a massage right after that workout”. That still seems great, but in lieu of truly resort-style services at the track on in destination cafes, we have come to love the Theragun Mini. There are lots of massage guns, and many are a bit cheaper, but we like the Mini because it fits in our gear bag, so we have it right after a ride or race. The shape is easy to hold as well, so we don't really see the small size as a compromise.


Theragun has given the Mini enough power to work. Honestly, this thing is slightly magical. The base setting with the standard ball feels just right, and it makes muscles relax. Maybe just as important, the “massage” feels really good. Percussive massage has nothing of the feeling of a good deep tissue massage, but that doesn’t keep it from being a real pleasure. OTOH, the Theragun delivers reliably, and not all masseuses are created equal -- some just seems to poke around to little effect. Frankly, if the Theragun Mini only delivered that wonderful feeling and a placebo effect, we’d be happy. And, while we didn’t do randomized control trials, we’re pretty sure it actually works. Which is big, because being able to get back on the bike a day or two later is a big benefit for maintaining training. Being able to get in the car for a race a day or two after intense practice is required. In that context, $199 is totally worth it. You don't need any extra tips, and it is so quiet you can use it while watching the Tour de France or catching up on the 6 Hours at the Glen.