EV Start-ups Create Big 5?

By Tom Martin

November 17, 2021


At this writing, here are the market capitalization levels of US automakers:

• Tesla: $1,040 billion

• Rivian: $149 billion

• General Motors: $91 billion

• Lucid Motors: $90 billion

• Ford Motor: $79 billion

• Fiat Chrysler: $16 billion

Rivian and Lucid have a lot to prove in the manufacturing domain, though both are sort of producing cars. But in the long game of the EV transition, access to capital is key and right now the American start-ups are looking pretty strong.




The Lucid Air also just won Motor Trend’s Car of the Year award, which reiterates that on the marketing front these new players are no slouches and that sometimes it is easier to position a brand that carries limited historical baggage. Especially when you are willing to deliver innovative features that take advantage of a completely new platform. Or put 1,111 hp in a luxury sedan. As we said, there appear to be some real positives for the new kids on the block.