eSports Cemented As Solid Training Tool In F1

By Peter Nelson

July 30, 2019

Lando Norris, 19-year old driver for McLaren F1, is a great example of how eSports can be a valuable training tool in this article by He finds that skills earned in virtual racing are very transferable to real racing, and that he relies on virtual wheel-to-wheel as a solid training tool. Between real-life races and his time spent in simulators after them, he’s always tuned-in and perfecting his craft.

When you think about F1 and its level of competition, as well as the hyper-sensitive nature of the cars, trying out different strategies and getting as much repetition as humanly possible can only benefit drivers. Perhaps eSports could also prove to be a valuable way for teams to lower costs as well.

What do you think about eSports and their high-level utilization by F1 teams?

Check out the video below from McLaren that shows Norris in-action: