Cosworth Brings Real-time Telemetry Data to Indycar Fans

By Winding Road Staff

May 03, 2014

This week Cosworth announced the launch of its Cosworth Live On Air system, a new data retrieval program that will be integrated into the Verizon Indycar 14 app, which is available for both iOS and Android platforms. The new system sees WiMAX high bandwidth transmitters fitted to racecars competing in the Indycar series, allowing said cars to send out detailed performance, telemetry and diagnostic data to race fans as the race progresses in real time.
Cosworth already plays a similar role in the Indycar series in that they provide a similar system that allows race officials to monitor competitors' cars to ensure each team's compliance with series regulations. The new system will build upon this concept by providing that same data to fans as the race is taking place, allowing for a deeper level of bench racing insight and a new level of participation (and rival heckling) for Indycar fans.
"We believe that this new technology has the potential to truly change how fans can interact and engage with motorsport", says Hal Reisiger, chief executive of Cosworth Group, "As social media and multi-screening becomes increasingly integrated into our daily lives, Cosworth Live on Air feeds into the technology that Verizon has been building to immerse fans fully into the race weekend experience."
You can check out the new system for yourself via the Indycar 14 app, available on iTunes and the Google Play app stores.