Bentley Contemplating Four-Door Continental Coupe

By Brandon Turkus

April 23, 2013

Mercedes-Benz created the four-door coupe segment, with its sleek CLS. That car, now in its second generation, has inspired a horde of imitators. Most notably, Audi’s A7 and BMW’s 6-Series Gran Coupe borrow their overall shape from the CLS while instilling their brand’s own unique DNA.
These cars run the gamut, with base models retailing for well under six figures, while the AMG, M, and RS versions easily creep past $100,000. If the rumors from British rag Auto Express are any indication, Germany’s entries could see some serious, high-end competition from none other than Bentley.
Here’s a brief summary of what we know:
  • Bentley CEO, Wolfgang Schreiber, is considering a four-door coupe based on the Continental GT.
  • It’d slot in below the new Flying Spur.
  • The new four-door coupe should cost around £130,000.
  • Don’t expect to see another Continental variant between 2016.
That last part is important. Bentley is trying hard to improve its sales figures, and while a Continental variant would be helpful, precedence is being given to getting the production version of the EXP 9 F out to the public. Bentley’s first SUV should arrive by 2015, with a Continental four-door coupe coming no sooner than 2016.
Head on over to Auto Express for all the details.
Auto Express