2013 Red Bull F1 Car Unveiled

By Brandon Turkus

February 04, 2013

Red Bull Racing has revealed its entry for the 2013 Formula 1 season, and well, it’s purple. The purple tinge is a reflection of sponsor Infiniti, which features prominently on the car’s sidepods. The team’s name has also changed to reflect the American brand’s level of involvement; it’s now called Infiniti Red Bull Racing (even though the engines are still branded as Renaults).
Called the RB9, it’s a safe bet that this Renault-powered entry, penned by aerodynamic genius Adrian Newey will be a strong challenger in nearly ever race. That’s particularly true when there’s a three-time world champion behind the wheel of one of the cars.
It feels almost redundant to repeat Red Bull’s record from the past few seasons, but here it is anyway: 34 wins and six championships (three constructor’s titles, and three driver’s championships) in three seasons. Really, Red Bull is starting to approach Ferrari levels of domination. We’ll see if that trend is set to continue when the 2013 season kicks off, in Australia, on March 17.
Finally, be sure to check out Red Bull’s “Rhythm of the Factory” video, embedded below. If you’ve ever wondered what goes in to the construction of an F1 car, this will be an entertaining three-and-a-half minutes.