List: Ten Lotus 7 Replica Kit Cars

By John Beltz Snyder

April 12, 2011


1. Birkin America Makers of the Birkin S-3 kit, which features an aluminum-skin space frame chassis. Not included is the Ford Duratec engine, transmission, wheels, tires, and some other necessary equipment. This popular kit starts at $19,500.


2. Brunton Auto The Brunton Stalker can be bought as a kit, a turnkey version, or a fully trimmed version with either a V-6 or V-8 engine. A fully built LS1 V-8 Stalker goes for $36,000.


3. Caterham USA The one we all know, Caterham offers a range of replica Lotus 7 kits, including the infamous Superlight R500. Kits cost anywhere from $19,580 to $61,057.


4. Deman Motorsport Deman offers modular kits for its SR7, so customers can build their Lotus 7 replica over time. The SR7 can use a Hayabusa or Mazda MX-5 engine.


5. MK Cars The US distributor for MK cars, Smart Sports Cars sells kits for the Indy R. Based heavily on Mazda MX-5 components, the MK Indy R features a fully independent suspension. Also on offer is the MK Midi, a mid-engined 7.


6. Super 7 Cars Based in British Columbia, Super 7 sells Caterham kits, including the Super 7 GSX 1300R "Hayabusa," which does 0-62 in under three seconds.


7. TRV Motorsports The least 7-ish (at least in appearance) car on the list, TRV manufactures the Open Tracker turnkey racecar. It features a Chevrolet V-8, and the complete car starts at $22,995.


8. Westfield Sportscars Another well known name in Lotus 7-inspired cars, Westfield is located in the UK, but sells cars in the United States. The SE is offered with a variety of engines, and can be purchased modularly, as a complete kit, or as a factory-built car.


9. Wharton Industries Wharton builds LIST (Lotus Inspired Seven Type) chassis for use with American V-6s and V-8s. Wharton also manufactures a chassis for use with a rotary engine and components from the Mazda RX-7. Available with live or independent rear suspensions.


10. World Class Motorsports The WCM Ultralite uses the powertrain of the Honda S2000 good for 240 horsepower and 0-60 spring in the low- to mid-three-second range. The Ultralite S2K weighs 1240 pounds, and starts at $38,750.

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Replicas of the Lotus 7 just may be the ultimate kit cars. The lightweight, open cockpit design is iconic, to say the least, and there are a fair share of manufacturers to choose from. Whether you want to build it from scratch, or buy a fully functioning racecar, there are lots of kits to choose from, depending on your budget, time commitment, and thirst for power. Innovators can even use the chassis as a sort of blank canvas, and we’ve seen some pretty impressive electric Lotus 7 kits hustling about in the wild.

Whatever your flavor, the following list offers up ten different makers of the Lotus 7-inspired kit car, all available in North America.