My Car History: Reilly Brennan

By Seyth Miersma

May 17, 2011


1986 Toyota Corolla LE: Bought off an exec at Federal Mogul for all $2000 that I had saved since my first holy communion.


1987 Volkswagen Jetta GL: White with black houndstooth interior and black plastic moldings. I modded it a bit with some Neuspeed parts and a Techtonics exhaust. My favorite car.


1981 Volkswagen Rabbit diesel: Bought for a few hundred dollars and stored in my friend Andy's mom's garage. It never ran. We drank beers in it and pretended we were on a rally somewhere.


1986 Alfa Romeo Spider Veloce: Bought in Florida from a retiree with a vanity plate on it. My dad and I flew down to Palm Beach with $6000 in cash in my underwear. Trouble free (honest).


1986 Volvo 240 wagon (245): Silver, manual, blue vinyl seats. Incredibly solid—like you read about. I miss this car. During a photoshoot before I sold it to my friends, I had a dozen skateboarders in Ann Arbor olly on, over, and off of it, terribly damaging its bodywork.


1977 Ford F100: Bottle green, rusty, barely ran. Bought for $500 and kept in my friends’ backyard along with #7-9.


1977 Honda Civic CVCC: White, adorable, reliable, and I’m really glad I owned it. (1974 Model shown here.)


1986 Chrysler New Yorker: Purchased from an Ann Arbor lesbian (the best kind) and never ran. Sat in the street until it was towed. No idea why I bought it. (1988 model shown—yes we know it has different headlights.)


1986 Chevrolet Celebrity Eurosport: Bought for $500 and run hard for about six months. One day Seyth (yes, Winding Road editor) and I were trying to drive it fast in reverse and I lost control and hit a tree. It caught on fire, the cops came, and I paid a towing bill higher than the price of the car.


1989 Range Rover County SWB: Bought in Vermont on eBay Motors and driven back to Michigan in the worst snowstorm of 2001. Engine was trouble free and I loved the brown/brown/brown colorway. Lots of broken interior bits and pieces, though, and had an interior fire (!) before I bought it for $2000.


1995 Nissan Pathfinder: I finally bought a car built in the 90s. 4000 bucks, crimson red, reliable, and one of my favorite SUVs of all time. Still miss this thing.


2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee: First year of the WK. I had been a GC fan boy for so long and this was the first new car I ever bought. Leased it for $249 per month because my friend worked at Chrysler. 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee: The same exact car, just black. Love this era of GC despite the fact that nobody else seemed to think highly of it.


2009 Subaru Forester: Really my wife’s car. White, relatively boring, but I still liked something about it. I wouldn’t buy another from this generation, though. At least it had an automatic and not the CVT.


2009 Honda Fit Sport: Now that we're in San Francisco, the allure of 40 mpg on regular gas and a small parking footprint was too hard to resist. I went for my favorite small car from the brand that I feel makes the best small cars.

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In addition to being the former Editor of Winding Road, Reilly Brennan is the Co-Founder of upcoming automotive hotspot, Carmagnum. (Expect to see a fully functional Carmagnum site in the near future.) Brennan also happens to be the owner of a deep and interesting personal car history—making him the perfect subject for the next installment in our series.

Though new (or new-ish) vehicles have colored Reilly’s recent years, the first dozen cars on the list show little pattern save an abiding love of any four-wheeled conveyance. 1980’s Euro-classics mix with $500 hilarious heaps in a history that might look familiar to any of us who’ve purchased cars just to screw around with them. For the record, we love brown Range Rovers, too. 

Have a look at Reilly’s list above, and make sure to click through to see earlier installments of My Car History.

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