My Car History: Aaron Bragman

By Seyth Miersma

May 09, 2011


(archival photo) 1991 Ford Escort GT: Red, five-speed, sunroof. My first car! Got it when I turned 16 in the summer of 1991. It was a Ford executive car that a friend of our family who worked for Ford snagged for me. Got me through high school and college.


1997 Ford Mustang SVT Cobra: Black on black, bought when I graduated college and got my first adult job. Eventually lightly modified with Ford Motorsport lowering springs, subframe connectors, 1999 Cobra wheels, a Steeda short-throw shifter, Corbeau sport seats, and Schroth five-point harnesses. I kept it until 2005, as I had company cars at my first job that allowed me to park the Cobra and use it for fun times instead of commuting.


(archival photo) 1996 Mercury Mystique LS: Red. My first company car as a sales guy working for Bosch Braking Systems. It was eventually replaced with a 1999 Mystique (also red), which was replaced by a 2000 Jeep Cherokee Limited 4x4 (black).


Upon leaving Bosch for Nissan North America, I also left behind company cars, but took advantage of great lease rates for Nissan employees. Started with a 2003 Nissan Maxima SE (black, six-speed manual, the last of the true Four Door Sports Cars!) on a special short-term lease.


Next I acquired a 2005 Nissan 350Z Roadster. It was bright red, had a six-speed trans, and is probably one of my most favorite cars to date. Everyone should own a bright red roadster at some point in their life!


It was replaced after just one year with a 2006 Nissan 350Z Roadster, but in black with the orange leather ventilated seats. Lighter clutch, updated radio, dramatic color scheme, it was just as much fun as the first one I had.


Upon leaving Nissan for Global Insight (which became IHS), the leased Roadsters went away as well. Instead, I went with a new 2007 Audi A4 2.0T 6MT, a great car for the money, and in 2007 it was quite unlike anything offered by American or Japanese automakers (luxurious interior, turbocharged four-cylinder, six-speed manual, all-wheel drive).


That car went to my other half in 2008 after our 2005 PT Cruiser GT Turbo started getting buggy, and I leased a new 2008 Volkswagen GTI two-door. Bright red, plaid tartan seats, DSG, and a heap of fun. That GTI was replaced by a 2010 four-door GTI in charcoal gray about a year ago.

(archival 1997 (archival Upon Next It Upon That

(photo credit: Aaron Bragman)

Aaron Bragman is a Senior Analyst at IHS Automotive, and a gear head worthy of our second installment of My Car History. Often following a practical mandate to buy or lease cars from his current employer, Aaron has nevertheless piloted a compelling group of enthusiast cars (Mercury Mystiques notwithstanding).

Do you share a piece of car history with Aaron, or have an interesting piece of personal motoring history of your own to share with the world? Make sure to tell us all about it, in comments below.

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