List: Top Ten Spring Break Cars

By Seyth Miersma

March 03, 2010


Dodge Challenger SRT-8 - A super comfy ride for the long haul down to FLA, meets the most massive trunk in the coupe segment today, meets major “wow factor” for cruising when you arrive. Keep on the lookout for over-baked cougars—this thing is like baby boomer Viagra.


Land Rover LR4 - One for the guys only. We can’t explain the phenomenon, no matter how much we try—all we know is that ladies love Land Rovers. The fairer sex seems to be inexplicably drawn to Landie branded products, and our guess is that the spring break vibe will only enhance this effect. LR4 is now the cheapest way to get into a Land Rover (women assume the LR2 is some kind of Toyota), and conquer the lady-hordes. Go with god.


Ford F-150 SVT Raptor - We know, it’s almost sacrilege to waste the off-road mastery of the Raptor on a Spring Break jaunt, but hear us out. The Raptor looks like a badass, will have no problem venturing onto the beach, and if things turn sour, it’ll take you cross-country and away from the Mazatlán authorities before you can say, “Señor Frog's debacle.”


Dodge Sprinter - Room for all of your friends. Room for all of your stuff. Room to install a floor-to-ceiling “entertainment” pole. (You know, if you could find a use for that.) Plus, the Sprinter sips diesel pretty slowly, too, so less money need be wasted on costly fuel (or a hotel room). Downside? The ladies that won’t be sketched out by your ride are likely to be a little sketchy themselves.


Honda Ridgeline - A pickup truck that comes with an optional built-in beverage cooler. Might be the perfect Spring Break car if it didn’t look like it was styled by Crocs.


Jeep Wrangler - Never, in the history of motoring, has there been a better vehicle to pump your fist and yell “Spring Break! Whhooaa!” in than a soft-top Jeep. That’s just science.


Mini Cooper Convertible - Mini offers a mix of fun driving and good gas mileage here, even if the “look” might be a bit more appropriate for the ladies than the gentlemen. Work on your tan before you even hit the beach.


Volkswagen Jetta Sportwagen - You and your boys (girls) can definitely stretch out in this one, and the Jetta is inexpensive enough to fit into the budget of most college students (or their well-meaning parents). Plus, if the drink-buying ploy isn’t getting you noticed, you can always play the German-badge-snob angle. That’s bound to work.


Nissan Cube - Understated cool for a more low-key brand of Breaker. Stylish and practical, but this one doesn’t “cruise” very well.


Ford Flex - Same story as the Cube here, plus a huge space bonus, and the beverage cooler like in the Ridgeline to keep a few frosty ones close at hand. (That’s at the beach, not while driving, natch.) Party wagon, plain and simple.

Dodge Land Ford Dodge Honda Jeep Mini Volkswagen Nissan Ford

It’s about that time of year again; if you’re a member of the 21-or-close-enough set, you’re likely to be planning some kind of splashy road trip to the sun-drenched lands. Florida, Mexico, it doesn’t matter, you’ll still need some wheels that look decent and have at least some room for a few of your closest party people. Our top picks for Spring Break cars put an emphasis on image, with a bone thrown in for practicality, occasionally.

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