List: Top Ten Cars We Probably Had Posters Of As Children

By John Beltz Snyder

April 29, 2010


Lamborghini Countach: This V-12, rear-drive wonder always brings us back to our budding lust for automobiles. Plus, “Countach” always sounds so magically profound from the mouth of someone who can barely pronounce "paskett–" err... “spaghetti."


Ferrari Testarossa: Along with the Lamborghini, the Ferrari was one of the cars we were obsessed with as kids, mostly for its looks and its slick name. While the Testarossa was somehow popular among children, the Ferrari 308 GTS is almost as cool because that’s what Magnum P.I. drove.


DeLorean DMC-12: Remember flipping out the first time you saw one in real life? Did you look for the flux capacitor, too? To be honest, as little guys, seeing this thing cruise slowly by in a parade with its doors up is our favorite memory of this stainless steel oddball.


Volkswagen Beetle: Our love for the Beetle started before we were born, and continues to this day. It truly started to rear its head when we first saw Herbie, and our fondness peaked when we discovered the correlation between Bugs and hitting people.


Chevrolet Corvette: We were always hoping to get this one when it was Hot Wheels time for McDonald’s Happy Meals. Now, the Corvette is still a performance icon that we still thoroughly enjoy, only now we can actually drive one.


Ford Bigfoot: Sunday! Sunday! Sunday! The latecomers and less conformist of us had Grave Digger posters. Not us.


Pontiac Trans Am Firebird: Your uncle or your older sister’s boyfriend probably had one. We particularly liked the ones with the graphics on the hood. Plus, there was KITT from Knight Rider, who was like the king of all Firebirds.


Lotus Esprit: Our babysitter wouldn’t let us watch Pretty Woman when it first came out, but once or twice, we’d sneak a peak at that sweet Lotus Richard Gere drove. If you haven’t outgrown your childhood, (or you’re looking for that hooker with a heart of gold), these days, you can own one of these beauties for a reasonable sum.


BMW M1: Powered by a 3.5-liter inline-six, blown versions of BMW’s mid-engined supercar were capable of around 850 horsepower. Fewer than 500 were ever made. We didn’t actually have a poster of one, but we want one now, especially if it uses this photo.


Porsche 959: When we were young and in love with this car, we were too naïve to be properly afraid. A street-legal racecar, it employed a biturbo boxer six, and, for the first time for the marque, all-wheel drive.

Lamborghini Ferrari DeLorean Volkswagen Chevrolet Ford Pontiac Lotus BMW Porsche

In elementary school, we had book fairs every few months. For us as kids, they were an excuse to get out of class, check out the newest Guinness Book of World Records, score some Mad Libs, and, of course, come home with a totally radical car poster. Even today, we still see some of these same cars sold in frames at mall kiosks or given away as carnival prizes, and it makes us think of the cars we loved as kids, usually for no good reason.

This is a list of iconic cars from our youth. Some we recall fondly from TV or movies, many we had hanging on our bedroom walls. Have a look, and let us know what cars you fancied, for better or for worse, as youngsters.