List: Top Ten Car Names that Sound Like Medicine Names

By Seyth Miersma

September 24, 2009



Honda FCX Clarity – Allergy relief Let's face it, hydrogen fuel cells make us all breathe a little easier, even if we don't know exactly how they work.


Hyundai Sonata – Sleep Aid Just typing "Sonata" makes us feel a like grabbing a power nap. Perhaps unfair to the Hyundai product but hey, they picked the snoozer of a name not us.


Toyota Solara – Antidepressant This is a mashup that works far better in name than in practice, as the Solara isn't exactly the automotive cure for the blues - unless your blues are induced by too much driver involvement. Are there pills that cause you to be more depressed?


Volkswagen Routan – Antacid VW's new minivan offering aid from heartburn may be a bit of a stretch but "Routan" strikes us as a natural thing for one to cry out when in agony. Also can be found on our list of car names that sound like salad toppings.


Nissan Maxima - Erectile Dysfunction Sure to give you some of that lift you remember from your youth, Maxima sounds like the perfect elixir for giving the castle back to the King.


Lotus Exige – Laxative In addition to having a certain edge of elimination about its name, this one fits pretty well. If ever a car was going to make you lose control of your nether regions this is it.


Hyundai Azera - Hypertension Lowers your blood pressure, clears up your skin, and makes you more confident around women. We can't be sure exactly what the snake oil Azera is good for but it's about the most prescription druggy name we've ever heard. Pass the gel tabs.


Suzuki Grand Vitara - Natural Stimulant Replacing your morning coffee with the gentler buzz of Grand Vitara may be difficult at first, but we're sure you'll be waking up with a smile in no time. Isn't life Grand...Vitara?


Mazda B-Series – Complex Multivitamin Boring, invocative, and right down to business. The B-Series may have most of what you'll need to stay healthy but it'll never be a fun pill to pop.


Saturn Astra – Anabolic Steroids Astra, the Latin word for "stars" really captures what most of your run of the mill juicers are looking for - the big time. We can't be sure how Saturn works into all of this but we're pretty sure there'll be some peeing in a cup involved.

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When automakers are looking for the perfect name for their new products, they seem to strive for monikers that reach customers on a gut level rather than an intellectual one. The same can be said, we’ve noticed, of the naming conventions behind modern prescription drugs, which seem to meld a version of the intended effect with melodious prefixes and suffixes. So it was only natural that we find the shared area between modern medicine and today’s wheels; presented above for your approval. Click through the gallery above for our list of car names that sound like medicine names and then tell us where we went right or wrong in Comments.