List: The Top 12 European Cars From The Winding Road Comfort Index

By Winding Road Staff

September 23, 2011


90 – Mercedes-Benz S400 Hybrid: Astonishingly quiet and refined at highway speeds, with a brilliant combination of feature depth and ease of use. Neither driver nor passenger will want for comfort here.


86 – Mercedes-Benz ML350 BlueTec: Mercedes has worked wonders on an interior experience that was, frankly, pretty damn good in the outgoing ML. Quiet, powerful, and polished overall.


84 – BMW 740i: The great thing about the 740i is that, despite being considerably cheaper than the rest of the range, it’s just as comfortable. Smooth ride, excellent content level, and a very nice interior.


84 – Porsche Cayenne S: Porsche’s blend of luxury and performance works well for our index, with great overall visibility, nice seating surfaces and touch points, and confident handling.


83 – Mercedes-Benz CL63 AMG: All of the refinement of the S-Class sedan, with perhaps a ten-percent reduction in ride quality in return for the AMG power/poise. Driver feels a bit like a sultan, and at 150 mph, too.


81 – Audi A6 3.0T: A Gulfstream for the road. Beautifully crafted interior, supple ride, and plenty of tech make the A6 a wonderful way to wile away highway miles.


79 – Mercedes-Benz SLK350: Smooth-as-butter ride without sacrificing spirited handling performance. Great wind protection with the top down, yet still quiet with it raised.


78 – BMW 650i Convertible: The 650i is luxurious in terms of feature count. Big power is married with a quiet cabin and good audio to support effortless long-distance touring. Seats and ride quality are firmer than some may like.


78 – BMW X3 xDrive35i: All of the BMW secret sauce that we love can be found here: excellent ride control, a quite cabin, and great tech. A perfect follow up for BMW’s small crossover.


77 – BMW 335is Coupe: The big torque of the turbocharged engine gives the 335is a comfort advantage over the peaky M3 coupe. Smooth transmission and variable drive modes help the coupe’s score, too.


77 – Audi A7: Hugely stable and refined at high speeds, let down only by the slightly loud, large wheels. A stunning, cozy cabin with dream-car levels of technology.


77 – Range Rover Sport Supercharged: Basically a smooth, fast, magic carpet ride of and SUV. Still, too little room for the driver’s legs, and difficult rear visibility.

90 86 84 84 83 81 79 78 78 77 77 77
Now that our Comfort Index has been around for a while, we felt it was about time we started going through and dissecting it. Our first subjects are the European cars on the list. Here, we have put together the current top 12 (there was a three-way tie for 10th place) most comfortable cars on our Index.
Keep in mind as you’re reading this that we have only rated cars that we have driven since we instituted the Comfort Index a few months ago. As we drive more cars, they will be added to the Index, and some scores may even change as we tweak our rating system to get it perfect.
Here, a car’s comfort is scored based on five categories: Visibility, Interior, Ride/Handling, Acoustics, and Controls.