List: The Top 11 Asian Cars From The Winding Road Comfort Index

By Winding Road Staff

October 05, 2011


84 – Hyundai Equus: Even the most basic Equus has got an impressive list of luxury options, as well as a sweet ride and a quietly powerful engine. Unbeatable levels of poshness for a $58K starting price.


83 – Hyundai Genesis R-Spec: Ride quality is quite supple, with only a touch of float over crests and such at high speeds. We love the seats, the Lexicon stereo system, and the new looks, too. 5.0-liter power is doled out confidently.


82 – Honda Odyssey: Effortless steering, a smooth ride, and a very luxurious interior make for a very nice family hauler. Bonus points for the super-wide rear entertainment system. Could use a better audio system though.


81 – Infiniti M35h: A comfortable ride, but not so much that it kills communication between car, driver, and road. We like the comfortable seats and nice feel of the various touch points.


81 – Nissan Quest: You can tell just by looking that it’s roomy. It also features really good visibility, comfortable seating, and high-quality materials. Its ride is well isolated, but floaty at high speeds.


77 – Acura TL SH-AWD: The TL has a comfortable cabin with a wide range of seating positions and a heaping of technology. Its sporting chops compromise overall comfort, but still a great balance between our two indices.


76 – Mitsubishi Sportback Ralliart: The jack-of-all-trades Ralliart Sportback has a surprisingly pleasant ride, and good/simple controls that don’t distract.


74 – Lexus CT200h: Good seats, firm suspension and communicative steering, coupled with small size and decent visibility, almost make for a comfortable ride.


74 – Lexus IS250C: Nothing terribly hardcore here, but the confident ride and super quiet profile make this a convertible you can relax with. Nice audio, as we’re used to with Lexus.


72 – Infiniti G25x: A solid but not spectacular comfort car, the G25 misses mostly for not-great visibility. Still a luxurious sedan for the price.


72 – Lexus IS-F: Lexus’ sportiest IS does a fine job of mixing speed and comfort, thanks to its firm but still quite comfortable ride. The cabin is a fine place to spend time, with intuitive infotainment.

84 83 82 81 81 77 76 74 74 72 72
Recently, we brought you our Top 12 European Cars From The Winding Road Comfort Index. So, today, we follow up with their Asian counterparts.
Hmm. Remember last time we did something like this, with the Involvement Index? That was because we were gearing up for the 2011 Involvement Index Awards. We’re not saying we’re cooking anything up, but we’ve also never been good at playing coy.
So here you have it, the 11 (two were tied for 10th, what’re you gonna do?) most comfortable cars from our (admittedly young) Comfort Index. Remember, this Index is an evolving thing, and we add more cars to it each month as we drive them (and not a moment before).