List: The Top 10 Most Futile Formula 1 Teams of All-Time

By Seyth Miersma

March 11, 2009


Fittipaldi 1975-1982, 156 entries – 0 wins


Prost 1997-2001, 166 entries – 0 wins


Prost 1997-2001, 166 entries – 0 wins


British American Racing (BAR) 1999-2005, 236 entries – 0 wins


Osella 1980-1990, 253 entries – 0 wins


Surtees 1970-1978, 260 entries – 0 wins


Lola 1962-1997 (sporadically), 280 entries – 0 wins


Sauber 1993-2005, 435 entries – 0 wins


Minardi 1985-2005, 676 entries – 0 wins


Arrows 1978-2002, 783 entries – 0 wins

Fittipaldi Prost Prost British Osella Surtees Lola Sauber Minardi Arrows

Ross Brawn—former technical director of the highly successful Ferrari Formula 1 team and last year’s Team Principal at Honda F1—announced last week that he had bought out the former Honda team, restyling the outfit as the Brawn GP team.

We wish for nothing but the best for the infant F1 offering (we love the underdog), though we certainly understand that the road can be rough going for non-factory-backed teams in the worlds most expensive motorsport. As proof, we offer this list of the ten most futile race teams that have ever put rubber to pavement in search of F1 glory. The teams herein have amassed hundreds of entries in their sometimes decades of F1 participation, though they didn’t muster a single win between them. Here’s to the back-markers.