List: Ten Worst Cars for Lambo Doors

By John Beltz Snyder

July 23, 2009


Lotus Elise Part of what makes the Elise, along with the rest of the Lotus lineup, such a great performer is its light weight. Lamborghini doors, regardless of how great they would look, would diminish its power-to-weight ratio, and it would probably hamper the handling.


GMC TopKick Good luck closing the door when the handle is twelve feet in the air.


Ford Flex Adding Lambo doors to the already funky flex would be too obvious. Zero points for creativity.


Chrysler PT Cruiser While wing doors would be a great improvement on, say, the Chevrolet HHR Panel SS, we get the heebie-jeebies just thinking about what this abomination would look like.


Hummer H2 People already assume you’re trying to prove something. Lambo doors would only cement this sentiment. Plus, as with the GMC TopKick, height would be an issue.


Smart ForTwo Lambo doors on a Smart Fortwo would create an unacceptable synergism of impracticality.


Chrysler Sebring Convertible Think about it. With that much sex appeal, it would be impossible to drive anywhere, what with all the suitors constantly swarming the vehicle. Better to stick with the hardtop to fend off any unwelcome grabby hands.


Porsche 911 Messing with any machine so sweet would surely result in terrible karma. This rule also applies to most Ferraris.


Nissan Cube See Ford Flex. Too easy. Also too square. Tricking the rear gate, however, is strongly encouraged. Otherwise, as a general rule, vertical doors look great on Japanese cars.


Lamborghini Gallardo LP 560-4 Spyder If it were meant to be, Automobili Lamborghini would have done it itself. Note: this particular vehicle has caused some division among the office concerning the doors. To quote a colleague, “If you’re going to put Lambo doors on anything, at least let it be a [expletive deleted] Lambo.”

Lotus GMC Ford Chrysler Hummer Smart Chrysler Porsche Nissan Lamborghini

Everybody knows that putting wing-style Lamborghini doors on almost any vehicle significantly improves its appearance. This, however, is sadly not universal. For the sake of all that is tasteful, we present our list of the Ten Worst Cars for Lambo Doors.

Heed our words, and enjoy.