List: Ten Spectacular Custom Sprinters

By John Beltz Snyder

November 10, 2009


This Sprinter, designed by Andy Mauck, will definitely get lots of looks on your cross-country expedition.


Forget waiting in line at the club, Chalmers Automotive makes this spectacular Night Club Sprinter.


For A to B travel with no stops, Sportsmobile makes the MobileJets Sprinter, complete with restroom, for your travel needs.


Sportsmobile also makes this Penthouse Top Sprinter RV.


Hartmann Tuning does some pretty amazing things with vans, and the SP5 Sprinter is no exception. It has a pretty interior, too, clad in carbon fiber.


For "when manueverability is critical," the State of Utah (motto: "Industry") has this Sprinter Bookmobile, built by Farber Specialty Vehicles.


She's smiling at the irony of being hit by such a high-visibility ambulance. Or maybe she's just excited that it's a Sprinter.


We've often dreamed of getting behind the wheel of a Sprinter SRT-10. Sadly, we must assume that these are standard Dodge Sprinters painted especially for transport at the SRT Track Experience.


This is the Sportsvans Sprinter 4X4 conversion for high-impact off-roading.


This is probably our favorite, the JetVan by Becker Automotive Design. Look at that carpet!

This Forget For Sportsmobile Hartmann For She's We've This This

Whether it’s badged as a Dodge, Mercedes-Benz, or Freightliner, we can’t deny our undying affection for the Sprinter van. So much room, so many uses, and those magnificent air-ride seats—what’s not to love? In our appreciation for the ultimate moving machine, we present our list of ten truly spectacular custom Sprinters.

Click through the gallery above, and enjoy.