List: Ten Of Wald’s Blackest Bison

By Seyth Miersma

October 27, 2010


Toyota Vellfire Black Bison Edition - Kids love it. Could probably be used to stop crime.


Bentley Flying Spur Black Bison Edition - The most expensive Bison we've seen.


Mercedes-Benz E-Class Wagon Black Bison Edition (2008) - Wald seems to love big backsides as much as Sir Mix-A-Lot does. We cannot lie.


Lexus RX Black Bison Edition - Making a Lexus CUV look radical is no mean feat. Hat tip, Wald.


Toyota Land Cruiser Black Bison Edition - The location seen in this photo is likely as close to "off road" as the BBE Land Cruiser ever got. Still, amazing.


Lexus IS-F Black Bison Edition - Proper.


Mercedes-Benz R-Class Black Bison Edition (2006) - We had to reach back a few years for this one, but come on. Clearly Batman was involved in this build.


Mercedes-Benz S-Class Black Bison Editon - Big Benz's take especially well to the BBE treatment, it seems.


Nissan GT-R Black Bison Edition - This one wins.


Yep, the GT-R gets two pictures, it's that awesome.

Toyota Bentley Mercedes-Benz Lexus Toyota Lexus Mercedes-Benz Mercedes-Benz Nissan Yep,

Japanese über-tuners Wald have been wowing us, and subsequently you, with their Black Bison body kits for years now. Last week, it was the understated (ha!) cool of the JDM Vellfire minivan that got us pretty pumped up. So, for no particularly good reason save our love of these guys, we thought we’d string together some of our favorite Black Bison Editions from the last few years.