List: Ten Great Rear Seats

By Steven J. Ewing

January 19, 2010


Mercedes-Benz S-Class ---- Option up for the Designo interior and your rear-seat occupants will swoon. Plush headliner, televisions in the front seatbacks, and the ability to recline those comfy chairs would make anyone happy. Heck, the backseat riders won't even know that your S65 AMG is cruising along at 200 mph.


Maybach Landaulet ---- When we think of cars we'd like to be driven across the country in, the Maybach brand is our first choice. And in the Landaulet, the ability to open up the roof makes it even more enticing. Just be sure you have plenty of good champagne on hand.


Geely GE ---- While the Geely GE is a blatant design rip-off of older Rolls-Royce cars, the rear seat setup is something only the Chinese automakers could come up with. One giant chair (throne) is all your highness needs.


Chrysler Town & Country ---- We miss full-size conversion vans. The closest thing we get is Chrysler's Town & Country minivan, with its Swivel 'N Go rear seating, the two middle seats can be turned around, and a neat little table can be set up for card games, food, and long-lasting games of Monopoly. Be warned, though, if you're over five feet tall, things may be a bit cramped.


Aston Martin Rapide ---- The Rapide is Aston Martin's newest four-door sports car, and we're very keen to the idea of two individual sport seats being used for backseat riders. Besides, you'll need that extra bolstering for the speeds that Aston claims the Rapide is good for.


Lincoln MKT ---- Minivan? We don't need no stinking minivan! Lincoln's new MKT (and its sister car, the Ford Flex) have some pretty plush rear seat setups, especially with the two individual captain's chairs. The center-mounted refrigerator and standard glass-panel roof are nice touches, as well.


BMW 5-Series GT ---- Even though BMW's new 5-Series Gran Turismo is positioned below the barge-like 7-Series in the automaker's lineup, the 5GT's rear seats are much more luxurious. "Gran Turismo" means "Great Traveling," and we'd gladly accept a long-distance ride in the 5GT any day of the week.


Toyota Sienna ---- Like the Chrysler Town & Country, Toyota's 2011 Sienna offers up some interesting rear-seat options. Just looking at these reclining second-row chairs makes us want to fall asleep and drool on our shoulders while Finding Nemo plays on the rear entertainment system.


Porsche Panamera ---- Porsche's latest four-door model has certainly caused a bit of controversy, but the rear seats are certainly more inviting than the ones in the larger Cayenne SUV. You may get funny looks from other Porsche drivers on the road, but at least you'll be more comfortable.


Rolls-Royce Phantom (Extended Wheelbase) ---- The rear quarters of the Rolls-Royce Phantom might be more luxurious than your sitting room at home, and if you option up for the star-like headliner, it's pretty much paradise back here. We wish more cars came with glass to separate the front and rear seats, too.

Mercedes-Benz Maybach Geely Chrysler Aston Lincoln BMW Toyota Porsche Rolls-Royce

As drivers, we very rarely get to sample the nice rear seats that automakers put into their latest and greatest cars. Whether it's for the purpose of luxury or functionality, rear seats have come a long way from the standard benches of yore, and this list is a true testament to some cars being better suited for passengers, rather than those behind the steering wheel.

Here, we present ten cars that do, in fact, do it better in the rear.