List: Ten Cool Things About The 2011 Audi A8

By John Beltz Snyder

October 18, 2010


Touchpad: Tired of scrolling through the alphabet with a stupid wheel when trying to input a destination into the navigation system? Just write it with your finger. That’s right, the A8 learned to read.


Crafted Aroma: You might not notice any particular smell when in the new Audi A8. That’s okay. A “dedicated nose team” has ensured that the driver will encounter no distracting or unpleasant smells. That means minimal leather tanning and no pesky chromium salts. (We hate chromium salts.)


Aluminum Space Frame: The car’s structure is 25 percent more rigid than before, thanks to its design and use of aluminum. This also helps keep the overall weight down.


LED Lighting: The A8’s all-LED headlights not only look cool, but they stay cooler and use less energy. The 76 individual LEDs make up the high and low beams, turn indicators, daytime running lights, and fog lights. The taillights are also LED.


Bang & Olufsen: If the Bose sound system isn’t ample for your discerning ears, the available 19-speaker Bang & Olufsen sound system should do the trick. Armed with a high-frequency, 180-degree acoustic lens, a “tonemeister” has tuned the sound to every individual seat, meaning optimum sound quality for each passenger.


Movies: Rear occupants can watch different movies at the same time. Up front, passengers can watch a DVD when the car isn’t moving. The sound system even has a movie mode.


The Power Of The Internet: With a data subscription, the A8’s MMI uses Google Earth navigation, complete with points of interest from Google servers. A 3g connection allows for RSS feeds, local weather, and fuel prices. The A8 can also serve as a wifi hotspot for passengers with laptops or wireless devices.


Comfortable Seating. 18-way power seats are standard. 22-way power seats are optional. Two rear-seat comfort packages are available. We made sure to sample the five massage programs: Stretch, Wave, Knocking, Shoulder, and Lumbar. Magnificent.


Driver Assistance Systems: To increase comfort and avoid accidents, The A8 gets adaptive cruise control, night vision assistant with pedestrian detection highlighting, side assist (which alerts driver to vehicles in the blind spots), lane assist, and a new torque-vectoring stability control.


Audi Pre-Sense: When the A8 senses an imminent crash, it works hard to save your life and prevent injury, using automatic seatbelt tensioners, automatic emergency braking, self-adjusting seating position, automatic closing of windows and sunroof, and automatic activation of the hazard lights.

Touchpad: Crafted Aluminum LED Bang Movies: The Comfortable Driver Audi

We recently spent some quality time with the new 2011 Audi A8. We enjoyed the car, and got to know it pretty well, but there are some details we didn’t mention or describe in detail in our review of the vehicle, as they didn’t necessarily fit in with our focus on the driving impressions.

In case you were yearning for more information on the super spiffy A8, here are some of the goodies that help make it a really competitive and sophisticated vehicle.