List: Our Ten Favorite Women On Cars

By John Beltz Snyder

August 27, 2009


We're actually kind of fond of the Ford Ka. Apparently, so, too, is Kylie Minogue. "Hey, Kylie, get off that StreetKa." She won't listen. She's already gotten comfortable.


Okay, we totally understand why Wonder Woman and Catwoman are washing a car together. That makes complete sense. But what's Lindsay Lohan doing there? She's not even helping. She's just sitting there, drinking vodka out of a foam cup.


You've probably heard Neko Case sing before, whether or not you realize it. Her latest album cover, shown above, features her perched barefoot on the hood of a classic Mercury Cougar grasping a sword.


Leilani Münter is gorgeous, fast, and trying to save the world. Watch her this weekend at the Chicagoland Speedway, or live on Versus. Photo Credit: Charlotte Magazine and Chris Edwards


We've seen Jill Wagner pushing the Mercury lineup on us for a few years now, and we don't mind. She's classy, even when she's lounging on a hammock slung between two vehicles. And, yes, she is technically on the Mountaineer in this photo. Her hand is on the it. It counts (but just this once, we promise).


Jalopnik compares Vietnamese model Quỳnh Thy, seen here posing with the Ford Mondeo, to Mercury spokeswoman Jill Wagner. Only time will truly tell. While you're staring, notice how her huge platform shoes match the car's paint job. That's the sort of attention to detail that gets a photo on a list like this.


Most people remember Tawny Kitaen as the girl who messed up the hoods of those Jaguars in the Whitesnake video, Here I Go Again. The rest remember her from rehab. Ten minutes from now, you'll be angry that you have that song stuck in your head. You shouldn't be. It's a great song.


When Cyndi Lauper was at the height of her career, we all thought we'd have flying cars by 2010. Maybe that's why she looks so glum. "Hey, lady, get off the car of the future so we can get a picture."


This just may be our favorite photo from the list. It almost looks as though Czech model Paulina Nemcova slipped and fell onto the hood of this BMW Z4. These are the sort of candid moments that make events like the debut of a new roadster so memorable.


This is actress/stuntwoman Zoe Bell on a (1970?) Dodge Challenger in the movie Death Proof. We appreciate folks who do their own stunts, especially on cars.

We're Okay, You've Leilani We've Jalopnik Most When This This

Since the birth of the automobile, women have been posing on cars. Often, it’s in order to sell something. Spokesperson + product = advertisement. Sometimes, the car and the woman placed together highlight the aesthetic qualities of one another, making a good photograph great. Occasionally, there’s no good reason for anyone to be on top of a vehicle (sometimes accompanied by us yelling, “Hey, that’s my car!”).

The above gallery, without veering off into the arena of the wholly distasteful (*cough*lowriders*cough*), runs the gamut of these types of woman-and-car matchups. Click through, and enjoy.