Facebook List: Your Favorite Winding Roads

By Seyth Miersma

April 07, 2011


Driver: Sondjata Olatunji, Road: Henry Hudson Drive, Location: Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey, Description: Scenic drive just off the Hudson River. Narrow and slightly twisty. Short. Go at the right time and there will be no cyclists.


Driver: Benjamin Lyon, Road: Huron River Drive, Location: Ann Arbor to Dexter, Michigan, Description: A scenic bend along parts of Barton Pond. A nice drive any time of year. And it's right in Winding Road’s backyard.


Driver: John Morgan, US Highway 30 (Mosler – The Dalles Highway), Location: Rowena Plateau cutoff from I-84 in the Columbia River gorge on the Oregon side of the river, Description: Ultra curvy switchbacks on the east, climbing to the top for an amazing view, and then fast sweepers some down on the west side. Incredible.


Driver: Don Hodgdon, Road: Highway 166 between Highway 33 and Highway 101, Location: Santa Maria, California, Description: Fast and smooth, the road meanders along the Santa Maria River through the Cuyama Valley.

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While not quite as expansive a group of responses as we’d hoped to have gleaned from our Facebook followers, we did get tips on a few great driving roads across the country. Asked to name the location of their favorite, local winding road, the list above proves that at least a few of you are paying attention to more than that Garmin stuck to the windshield.

Feel free to chime in with the name and location of the best road you’ve driven lately, by adding to the conversation on our wall, or by posting in the comments section below. Stay tuned, too, as we plan to survey you all for many more list ideas in the future. Now, eyes up, hands on the wheel, and enjoy