Facebook List: Your Favorite Vacation Cars

By John Beltz Snyder

June 07, 2011


Mini Cooper S Clubman: Big enough for your gear, but small enough to have some fun when the way to Wally World gets curvy. A tip of the driving cap to Terry Shea for this one.


Porsche Cayenne Turbo S: Stay comfortable and get there quickly in this turbocharged SUV. When reader Chuck Bailey goes on vacation, he’ll be sure to pack 550 horsepower.


Hyundai Equus: Gerald GeSo Washington suggests this luxury sedan for a comfortable getaway. We definitely would not mind spending some quality time in these leather seats. Our traveling companions in the rear seat won’t be complaining, either.


Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT8: We can vouch for this one. A fine way to bring a lot of luggage and pals (two- or four-legged) quickly to the cottage. Or to the drag strip. Thanks, Michael Gillam, for the suggestion.


1973 Volvo 145: This vintage Volvo wagon surely whisked many families to relaxing destinations. Reader Don Hodgdon will take his with a V-8 conversion.


Project Kahn RS500 2011 Land Rover Range Rover: Stylish enough for the city, yet rugged enough for a week of camping. Anwer K. Qureishi describes it best: “capable on and off road to make sure you can go off the grid, if you choose to.”


BMW 535d Touring: For a European vacation, Conor McGarry favors the BMW’s diesel wagon. We think it’d be a good setup for a long haul: roomy, comfortable, sporty, and easy on the wallet at the gas pump.


Audi RS6 Avant: Another good one for a trip across the pond. This RennSport wagon would also be welcome in reader George Phillip Livingston III’s driveway, we’re sure.


Mazda5: Adam Roeger says, “In real life, I just bought my wife a Mazda5, which is actually quite fun to drive.” We second that. It’s actually quite capable in the curves. Sliding side doors are a plus when packing a lot of people and gear, too.


Aston Martin Rapide: Mr. Roeger also has his whimsical side. “In fantasy land, we'd be in an Aston Martin Rapide.” Boy, that V-12 is a nice way to gobble up the miles.

Mini Porsche Hyundai Jeep 1973 Project BMW Audi Mazda5: Aston

Vacations aren’t always just about the destination, especially when you’ve got a great car as a companion. When we asked our Facebook followers what vehicles they take a shine to for the long haul, we gave a few stipulations: it has to be big enough for kids/friends/pets, as well as all of their luggage, and, most importantly, it has to be good to drive. We got some wonderful answers, and we have narrowed the field to our ten picks, here.

How about you? What would be your ideal vacationmobile?