Detroit 2012: Ten Hot Cars Coming To Detroit

By Brandon Turkus

December 13, 2011


Hyundai Veloster Turbo: If you’ve been asking for a sportier version of the Hyundai Veloster, then your wish has been granted. We don’t know how much power this car is going to have, but are hoping that it’s enough to make a proper hot hatch out of the funky Veloster.


Bentley Continental V-8: Bentley will be bringing the new base versions of its Continental range to the 2012 NAIAS. Powered by a biturbocharged, 4.0-liter V-8, the new GT and GTC are a bit of a departure from the standard V-12 cars. With 500 horsepower on tap, both should still deliver the sort of speed expected of a Bentley.


Buick Crossover Concept: Not much info here, except that it will be a small CUV that will slot into the Buick range below the current Enclave.


Acura ILX Concept: The Acura ILX Concept previews a production compact sedan coming in the Spring of 2012, that will include three drivetrains, including Acura’s first hybrid system.


Honda Accord Coupe Concept: If the CR-V and Civic were any indication, the Accord Coupe Concept will likely be more production-ready concept than pure concept car. When it does debut, don’t expect much of a departure from the looks of the current cars.


Lexus Design Concept: Lexus hasn’t offered much in the way of details about this one, simply stating that it will indicate Lexus’s future design direction. Interpret that how you will. Either way, expect it to have some form of the “spindle” grille that debuted on the new GS.


Smart For-Us: Powered by the electric drivetrain from the Smart Fortwo ElectricDrive, the Smart For-Us is an “urban pickup.” We think it looks like an oddly appealing mix of a Smart Fortwo and a Suzuki X-90.


Cadillac ATS: The Cadillac ATS is the Detroit-based brand’s long-awaited rear-drive sport sedan, and is destined to take on the likes of the BMW 3-Series, Mercedes-Benz C-Class, and Audi A4. After the cool-looking XTS from LA, we can’t wait to see what Cadillac has done with its new smallest entry.


Dodge Dart: Based off of the Alfa Romeo Giulietta, the Dodge Dart revives a nameplate that vanished shortly after the muscle car era. This new Dart won’t be powered by V-8s or slant-sixes, though. Instead, it’ll receive a variety of four-cylinder engines, some with Fiat’s MultiAir technology.


Acura NSX Concept: Honda is finally, maybe, possibly, potentially, quite certainly, hopefully going to build a modern version of the original, Ayrton Senna-tuned NSX. Of course we’ve been hearing that since the Bush administration, but that doesn’t make Honda’s announcement of an NSX Concept showing up in Detroit any less exciting. We don’t have a lot of details, but we’ll be live from the show floor to fill you in when it officially hits the stage.

Hyundai Bentley Buick Acura Honda Lexus Smart Cadillac Dodge Acura

 The 2012 North American International Auto Show will be hitting Detroit in about a month, which means it’s time to preview some of the upcoming production and concept cars that will be unveiled at the Detroit show.