WRR TV: Tire Failure or Red Mist?

By Bradley Iger

October 17, 2014

Ride along with Dean Martin in the #50 Picture Cars East/Rehagen Racing Ford Mustang Boss 302S during Race 2 at Sonoma Raceway in the Pirelli World Challenge GTS race on Sunday August 24th. After an exciting first lap and a promising first half of the race in which Martin gains numerous positions, a perceptible drop in pace is accompanied by noticeably less composed laps.
By lap 22, it’s clear that Martin’s battle with Tony Gaples in the #11 Chevrolet Camaro has taken its toll as the gap between the competitors continues to widen. On lap 23, Martin suffers a serious impact with the retaining wall as he headed up the hill into turn one. The official cause of the crash was blamed on a blowout of the right rear tire, but the onboard video seems to tell another story. Skip to 3:55 if you want to go directly to the events leading up to the crash.

Follow the action on the Pirelli World Challenge homepage.

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