WRR TV: A Slick Corner Claims a Ferrari and a McLaren

By Bradley Iger

November 25, 2014

During the second race of the weekend at Road America of the Pirelli World Challenge series earlier this season a damp course spelled disaster for a pair of racers.
Coming out of Turn 1 the #61 Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 of Anthony Lazzaro lost grip and spun, resulting in an unfortunate situation where the car rolled back out into the racing line before other drivers had time to react.
Lazzaro's 458 ended up directly in the path of the K-Pax McLaren 12C GT3 of Alex Figge, and with nowhere to go, Figge broadsided the 458 at a fairly high speed, sending debris across the course and resulting in unrepairable damage to both cars. The best news to come out of the incident is that both drivers emerged from their cars more or less unhurt.
In the first video below, we see the incident from within Lazzaro's 458 Italia GT3 (skip to 3:00 to go directly to the carnage). Note that the Audi directly in front of Lazzaro nearly loses control just ahead of him, indicating that grip was indeed an issue in that corner:

Next we see the crash from the perspective of the #25 Reiter Engineering Lamborghini Gallardo, which ended up having a front row seat to the incident as it unfolded:

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