WRR Academy: Everyone Needs More Coaching

By Tom Martin

December 01, 2017

In a recent podcast with Ross Bentley, I was asked what one piece of advice I would give drivers. Of course, there is no single answer, because drivers are different. But I said that, on average "drivers should spend less money on their cars and more money on coaching." I think that is solid advice for about 80% of drivers.

The extended dance mix version of that thought includes the idea that a lot of coaching doesn't quite address the driver's needs correctly. In a nutshell, too much coaching is about learning a particular track and too little is about sustainable skill building.

To help with that, WRR Academy offers a variety of coaching options:

  • Level Up Racing schools, which cover the basics of road racing (and let you earn an SCCA wheel-wheel license)
  • Group Skill-Building sessions, where we do intensive exercises aimed at specific skills
  • Embedded Coaching, where we supply a coach to work with one or more drivers during race weekends (especially practice and qualifying)
  • Private Coaching, where we assign you a coach during a track day or test day (to reduce costs, a coach can be shared with up to 3 drivers)

Schools and Skill-Building sessions are scheduled, and you will find event information in our newsletters and on the Winding Road Racing website.

For Embedded or Private Coaching, contact Jeff Sexton and we can arrange a program to meet your needs: jsexton@windingroad.com