Winding Road Showroom: 807-Horsepower, Mid-Engine Golf GTI For Sale

By Brandon Turkus

June 03, 2013

Once upon a time, Volkswagen decided to shoehorn the biturbocharged W-12 from a Bentley Continental GT into the back of a Mk5 GTI, convert it to rear-wheel drive, and display it to fans at the Wörthersee Festival.
Think of this car as the GTI W12’s older cousin, many times removed. Modified by the team at 034 Motorsports, what started as a standard Mk4 is now powered by a 3.0-liter, turbocharged V-6. That doesn’t sound very special, right? Well, it’s mounted in the middle. That’s right, this is a mid-engine GTI.
Before we get into the guts of what’s sitting behind the front seats, let’s talk about what’s holding it all together (lest you think this is another homebrewed effort). The rear suspension and wheels are from a Porsche 911 Turbo (996). In order to fit the larger wheels/tire package, the fenders were flared using steel. A six-point, NHRA-approved roll cage has been fitted both as a safety measure and as a structural replacement for the missing rear floor.
As for that engine, it started life as Audi’s well-received, 2.7-liter, biturbocharged V-6. It’s been bored out to an even 3.0 liters, and is now down to one turbo. Oh, it’s also turning out 807 horsepower. Mated up to an Audi-sourced six-speed manual, this clean, professionally done GTI should appeal to the track-day enthusiast that is looking for a proper sleeper.
The car is currently posted in the Winding Road Showroom