Video: V8 Supercars Just Sound Better

By Brandon Turkus

March 22, 2013

Racing cars need to sound good. No really, would you want to watch a race where all the cars sound like broken down washing machines? Right, that’s what we thought.
And while there’s a lot to be said for the high-pitched shriek of a Formula 1 car, or the growl of a NASCAR, we find cars that are based on production models make some of the best noises in the world of racing. Need more evidence of that? Check out this in-car video from an Australian V8 Supercar. Things take a bit to get going, so go ahead and fast-forward to the two-minute mark.

The car in question is a Holden Commodore, from the Toll Holden Racing Team. Its 5.0-liter engine sounds like a chorus of angels singing Beethoven’s “Ode To Joy” while being attacked by eight furiously pumping pistons.
Enjoy this POV view, as Garth Tander drives cyclist Mark Renshaw around the Sydney Telstra 500 track, and make sure to turn those speakers up.