Video: The Fastest Way Around Paris

By Brandon Turkus

April 17, 2013

Renault, the only one of the French automakers that doesn’t seem to be going bust, has a rather successful racing program. Besides powering a few of the cars on this year’s F1 grid, Renault runs a successful touring car business, with its Megane Trophy V6 racer.
In fact, Renault has its home market pretty well covered. The one area it hasn’t broken into yet? The livery business. That’s right, Renault needs a taxi. But not just any taxi. We don’t want to ride around Paris in a Scenic MPV, or a Clio compact. We want something fun. Like the Megane Trophy V6 we mentioned above.
Renault had the same idea, so it dispatched a Megane racer to the French capital to pick up some fares. We think the customers got their Euros worth, based on the video below.