Video: The 365 HP ARIEL ATOM 3S Cannot Be TAMED!

By Peter Nelson

October 08, 2019


While we shared a Speed Academy video not-too-terribly long ago, we couldn’t resist sharing this one as well. Dave Pratte gets behind the wheel of an Ariel Atom 3S, owned by YouTube channel Savage Geese of beautiful Northeastern Illinois (not facetious, that’s where I’m originally from). Ariel is well-known for producing face altering, fill-your-teeth-with-bees track animals, and its great to see what one of their more recent creations is all about (still insane, big surprise).


Despite its formula car-like dimensions and weight, it still overpowers the big Toyo R888Rs strapped to it. Check out the video below; not only does the 3S make all the right noises and get around Toronto Motorsports Park incredibly quickly, it also proves to be quite a handful. We want to get our hands on one really bad.