Video: Tanner Foust Laps The Nurburgring… In A Raptor?

By Brandon Turkus

March 07, 2013

Well, here’s your bizarre video for the day. This is all-around awesome driver and host of Top Gear US Tanner Foust, swinging and sliding a 411-horsepower, 6000-pound Ford F-150 SVT Raptor around the legendary Nürburgring. Yes, a Raptor on the Nürburgring.
Foust’s running narration is interspersed with video of the truck bouncing along the notoriously bumpy ‘Ring like a drunken Labrador. It’s interesting to see just how prone the Raptor is to sliding its tail out under hard braking.
Annoyingly, the video looks to have been filmed through a wonky Instagram filter. That aside, it’s fun to see such a big vehicle on a track that’s normally populated by small sportscars.