Video: Super Street 2019 FF Battle 11

By Peter Nelson

October 22, 2019

Photo: Super Street Magazine


Time attack is alive and well (and rapidly growing) in Southern California, and one event that serves as a great sample of this is Super Street Magazine’s FF Battle Presented by ENEOS and SPEC Clutch. Taking place in the scorching Mojave Desert sun at Willow Springs’ Streets of Willow track a few months ago, competitors raced against the clock through the track's technical turns piloting mostly small 90s Honda hatchbacks. Some other great cars were thrown into the mix as well, such as a 90's Sentra SE-R and a thoroughly-prepared early Honda Fit. Backed by mild-to-substantial engine, suspension and tire mods, even in the high desert heat, some very impressive times were set that would raise the eyebrows of anyone who swears by a life of RWD-only. Enjoy the video below, and also scope this video and this video for more background on the event’s action.