Video: SRI EV1 Off-Road In Mexican 1000

By John Beltz Snyder

May 14, 2013

The SRI EV1 recently became the first all-electric off-road racecar to enter a sanctioned off-road event when it raced in the Mexican 1000 race in the Baja peninsula.
Built by Strategic Racing Designs and EV West, the SRI EV1 did pretty well for its first time out. It didn’t finish the race (about half of the competitors usually don’t), but it finished 25th overall after completing seven of the eight stages of the 1200-plus-mile competition.
This video showcases the electric truck during the brutal desert race. The truck’s signature electric whine is fascinating as the tires kick up sand. It’s definitely unlike the burly engine growl we’re used to hearing in vehicles like these. The fly-bys shot from the sidelines are other-worldy.
Have a look/listen in the video below.