Video: Modded RX-7 Spits Flames At The Dragon

By Brandon Turkus

April 23, 2013

Ask the Winding Road staff what their favorite places in the world are, and it’s only a matter of time before someone mentions The Tail Of The Dragon. Officially called US Route 129 or Deals Gap, the Dragon is a viciously winding ribbon of tarmac, made up of 318 curves spread across 11 miles. That’s about 29 curves for every mile of road. Making things more difficult are the precipitous drop-offs and trees that sandwich the road. This is not a route for the faint of heart.
Not surprisingly, the Dragon is a bit of a pilgrimage for enthusiasts of both two- and four-wheeled conveyances, and a thriving industry has sprung up to service the cars and bikes that challenge The Dragon.
Perhaps the best take-away from the Dragon is a picture, and to help out with that is the crew of This outfit, made up of Darryl Cannon, his wife Lori, and a few friends, are enthusiasts that spend their days shooting the cars that challenge the road, and selling the photos through their online shop. If you haven’t already, give their Facebook page a like, so you can keep up on the weekly highlight photos.
The pair are enthusiasts, as well as active members of the community, running their own flotilla of cars and bikes when possible. Today’s video is shot from the Killboy S2000, and stars a friend’s modified Mazda RX-7 on the twisty road. With a claimed output above 400 horsepower, courtesy of a new turbo, it's worth mentioning that the Mazda is running just a smidge rich.
This is also one of the few videos we've found that really shows just how curvy The Dragon really is. Enjoy, and start planning that trip to The Dragon!