Video: McLaren Pits A Spider Against A Snowboarder

By Brandon Turkus

March 20, 2013

Were we to drive around on a Colorado mountain during the winter, we’d opt for a Range Rover. Or a Toyota Land Cruiser. Or even an Audi Q7. We would not, however, go for a low-slung, 616-horsepower, convertible supercar. Then again, we aren’t Pikes Peak ace Rhys Millen.
Millen picks up X-Games snowboarding medalist Chanelle Sladics for a race from the top of the mountain to the bottom. There’s not so much racing as gratuitous shots of the 12C sliding through the snow, along with a few tricks from Chanelle. Still, it’s an entertaining vid on the first day of spring, and the McLaren sounds quite good.