Video: Keiichi Tsuchiya Piloting A Toyota AE86 At WTAC 2019

By Peter Nelson

November 12, 2019


About a month ago at the 2019 Yokohama World Time Attack Challenge at Sydney Motorsports Park, Best Motoring personality and Drift King himself Keiichi Tsuchiya got behind the wheel of a Toyota AE86 built by professional drifter Beau Yates to compete in the Open Class. The car was originally setup for as a drift chassis for a number of years, earning a ton of recognition in the Australian pro drifting scene. Its new life as a time attack monster proves there’s no school like the old school (with a bunch of power and modern tech thrown into the mix), as this thing can lay down some impressive lap times with Tsuchiya at the helm. More on the build can be found here, and check out the video below for some backstory and laps.


Speaking of time attack, Super Lap Battle 2019 is going down this weekend at Buttonwillow Raceway Park! If you're in the Southwest, go check out the premier North American time attack event!