Video: How To Drive A Formula 1 Car

By Brandon Turkus

April 02, 2013

If you read our reviews (and you should), you might see us writing about feedback from the chassis, steering, and pedals. Being able to feel what the car is doing is essential to the driving experience.
This video, courtesy of Sky Sports, takes the whole concept of feedback and involvement to another level. Scuderia Ferrari loaned one of its F1 cars to racer-turned-commentator Martin Brundle for a few laps of the Fiorano test track, ahead of the 2012 F1 season. What follows is an informative six minutes of video on feedback, why it’s important, and where it comes from. Brundle also discusses the massive power and downforce available from a modern Formula 1 car.
Overall, it’s an interesting video, and one we encourage you to watch.