Video: Honda Civic Hatchback Track Battle At VIR

By Peter Nelson

January 07, 2020



The intergenerational Honda Civic hatch battle has been raging ever since there was more than one generation available to the public. Today, the battle is more intense than ever, with mid-to-late ‘90s EG and EK hatches being quite affordable and easy to turn into track monsters with sticky tires, suspension, and powerful engine swaps.



This video by Gears and Gasoline is an excellent demonstration of what’s possible with these little cars. With just suspension, tire, wheel, and very accessible power mods (in this case, swapping in B-Series engines from more powerful Type R variants). They demonstrate the potential well in the form of a track battle, with two cars of different generations and mildly different modifications. Driver skill is pretty evenly matched, too.


Check out how it all goes down when two friends with Civic hatches that are a generation apart, with similar engine swaps, and similar suspension and tire mods, decide to have a friendly competition on track.