Video: Audi Stages World’s First Automotive Paintball Match

By Brandon Turkus

February 27, 2013

Audi. It’s a German company. It’s serious, with many serious engineers, talking about serious things. Not a place where you’d imagine many shenanigans. Which is why this video is so damn entertaining.
It involves a sort of automotive dogfight between a pair of Audi RS4 Avants that have had huge paintball guns mounted on their hoods. The two cars chase each other around an enclosed area, dodging barriers and cover points, and scoring points for each successful hit on the opposing car.
As is wont to happen, things escalate. One RS4 lays down a paint slick (which isn’t a match for the opposing RS4’s Quattro all-wheel-drive system). The other RS4 drops a paint grenade. It’s ridiculous and entertaining and not at all what we’d expect from Audi (even Audi’s UK outfit, which judging by the right-hand-drive cars, produced this video).
Silly publicity stunt? Sure. Entertaining? Absolutely. Meanwhile, Jeremy Clarkson is kicking himself for not thinking of this.