Thinking Ahead: Want To Drive Global MX-5 Cup In 2018?

By Jeff Sexton

September 06, 2017

The 2017 season isn't yet over, with the SCCA Runoffs, NASA East and West Championships and pro series like Pirelli World Challenge, IMSA Continental Sports Car and Battery Tender Global MX-5 Cup still with races to run. Even so, now is a good time to begin thinking about the 2018 season, especially if you might consider moving to a new series/class. If you are moving, there are questions to ask and there are cars to acquire or build. All of that takes time, and there are risks to delaying. In 2017, we had customers who waited until January to choose their series, only to find that there were no cars available.

For amateur racers, one of the most common series to consider is Global MX-5 Cup. MX-5 Cup is an entry-level pro series and as such is relatively affordable. Another reason MX-5 Cup is popular is that it has pretty much the closest racing on the U.S. road racing scene. For example:

Mazda support is another attraction of MX-5 Cup. We are on the team owners committee and we can tell you there are some exciting changes coming. The racing will remain intense, but Mazda's $600,000 per year in prize money will be awarded in a new and, we think, better way.

However, the decision to go pro racing, even at the MX-5 level, can be more costly than many people realize. We strongly recommend getting all the facts before you decide this (or any other) series is for you.

To assist with this process, we are inviting prospective drivers to register with Winding Road Racing and get in our information loop. We'll send you a white paper explaining the costs of MX-5 Cup and we will also update you periodically as new details of the 2018 series come out, as test drive opportunities open up and as cars are offered for sale.

To register for MX-5 Cup information, simply send an email to Jeff Sexton ( and indicate your interest along with a few facts about your location and your current racing.