The Saleen S1 Racecar Looks Like An Absolute Blast To Drive

By Peter Nelson

January 14, 2020


We’ve shared news about the Saleen S1 and its accompanying Cup Series a bit over the past year. Recently, we got a nice up-close look at the Saleen S1 race car that will be racing all over the world this year, thanks to The Smoking Tire YouTube channel.


With Thermal Raceway outside of Palm Springs, CA as the venue, Matt Farah takes the Saleen S1 out for a few fun laps. Its angry 4-cylinder race engine and turbo BOV provides an excellent accompaniment. Possessing around 440 horsepower to push the 2600 lb., double-wishbone-all-around, tube frame beast forward, it's immediately clear that this thing is fast. Throw in manual brakes, a Hollinger sequential gearbox, and Continental slicks, and one can imagine how much of a blast it must be carving through Thermal's pristine circuit. We can't wait to see these race in GT4 this year!


Check out the video below!