The Hot List: Volume 28

By James Bradbury

March 09, 2012

Every week we sift through a truly amazing amount of “stuff” in the dozen or so hours we spend online—you know, the time spent not driving sweet cars. A lot of the cool stuff we find has to do specifically with new cars, naturally, but there’s also a huge amount of awesomeness that doesn’t completely fit in the normal Winding Road world. Once, we were in the habit of simply reading, watching, or talking amongst ourselves about this web detritus, but recently we thought it might be a good idea to start sharing it with you all. Thus, The Hot List.

We aim to bring you a list of the most interesting bits of information we run across. Ten worth-knowing-about things that may or may not be related directly to the world of cars, but all of which we think our typical enthusiast readers will be able to really dig into. We don’t know, from week to week, what will show up on this list, which is part of the fun for us and for you.

Read, enjoy, and comment. If you happen to know of something that you think would make for a good inclusion on next week’s list, drop us a line at
Uwerk UR-110 ST Watch

As car nuts, we’re suckers for engineering complexity. Urwerk’s UR-110 ST shows off its awesome inner-workings so well it could be considered mechanical pornography.

Outdoorsy Drinking

Are you not drunk outside enough? Loll Designs wants to help remedy your situation with this nifty outdoor cupboard. The hinged door is held closed with magnets when not in use, but when folded out it also functions as a table for preparing drinks and food. Oh and it’s called the “Wallbanger.” We’re pleased.

Safety Swag

Bike gloves with built in LEDs on the back to function as turn signals. Simply clinch a fist to light the arrows up. The fingertips are even conductive, which is fancy-speak for saying they work with touchscreens.

Time Lapse Video For Your Phone

There is now an app to make time lapse videos on the iPhone. If you dream of recreating classic movie scenes with lego characters, the time is now. Prepare yourself YouTube.

Never Deal With Tangled Headphones

Wired headphones that will never tangle.

British Racing Green Never Looked So Good

An obnoxiously cool, retro-style leather jacket by Lotus. It only costs about fifteen hundred bucks.


Convert your mason jar into an eco-friendly coffee mug. Now you can finally win that argument with your friends about who is, “Totally more one with the Earth, man.”

Yes That Was A Maybach Once

Remember Otis? Neither do we, but we do remember Jay-Z and Kanye destroying a Maybach with various power tools and rearranging the body panels in, um, interesting ways. Now the monstrosity is getting auctioned off for charity, only the mega rich need apply.

Clock With Class

Because nobody really wants to read an analog clock anymore, get the coolest digital one ever made. This sleek and futuristic, yet retro design basically works with any apartment, and is practical and stylish to boot.

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